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Sigma Pi


Management consulting must make a positive impact on an organization to justify the work.

Sigma Pi Consulting:

  • Increases profit by at least twice the cost of its services in the first year.  Because most of the problems we fix are systemic, these savings are replicated year after year. 

  • Introduces operational efficiencies that reduce the management time required by the business owner.  We give them back their life.  They spend more time doing what they love including more family time.

  • Creates environments where the "eagles can fly".  Everyone wants to work for a company that recognizes and rewards their contributions.  Engaged employees are more productive, more creative, and produce still more profit.

  • Implements business structures that enable growth into the future.  The owner is no longer intimately involved in every decision.  Thus the company can grow without increasing the owner's workload.

  • Teaches the business owners their techniques so that they can continuously improve their company into the future and produce additional profits independently.

Sigma Pi Consulting - Adding to your profit and your life.

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