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Thank you for visiting Sigma Pi Consulting's web site. 

Who Are We?

Sigma Pi Consulting works with small business owners to help them improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase profits, and release the business owner from excessive management responsibility.  Click on About Us for more information.

What Do We Do?

We recognize that most problems affect the entire organization.  They involve people, process, and technology across business areas.  Thus, we take a holistic approach to address the problem.  Click Approach for more information.

What Services Do We Provide?

We build business structures that improve operations, reduce cost, and increase profit.  We free your staff to excel while maintaining accountability.  Click on Services for more information.

How Does Our Work Impact Our Clients?

Management consultants must make a positive impact on your business.  Sigma Pi Consulting improves profit, increases productivity, and releases the owner from mundane tasks to concentrate on important matters.  Click on Impact for more information.  Click on Case Studies to see example of our client work.

Who Do We Work With?

We recognize that no organization can bring a truly comprehensive solution by itself.  By teaming with companies with complimentary products and services, we bring a complete solution to your business challenges.  Click Partners for more information.

What Else Have We Done?

Sigma Pi consultants are actively involved in advancing the knowledge base of business.  Our people have contributed many hours to various educational, nonprofit, and trade organizations.  They have written a number of articles and created various presentations that we make available to the public free of charge.  You can download many of these documents here.  Sigma Pi has also created an email newsletter.  Back issues are also available on the Downloads page.

How Do You Contact Us?

While there may be common themes to business problems, every company has unique environmental issues.  Contact us to schedule a time for us to meet to discuss your specific challenges.


Sigma Pi Consulting - Adding to your profit & your life.

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